About Fearless LA

In 2012, the dream of Fearless LA began, not in a nightclub, not in a church building, but in the hearts of our pastors. After serving for nearly 10 years as youth pastors at The House Modesto, our fearless pastors set out on a journey to Southern California with a small team of people who had a unified vision of God’s calling to fearlessly love on a city.

We quickly hit the ground running and began holding gatherings at beaches and coffee shops in Orange County, with worship and messages geared to developing a strong, well-equipped team of leaders. Our team worked out of the Johnsons’ garage before we leased a small warehouse to be used as our office space. Though we intended to have small core team meetings, each week, we had several visitors who had heard about them and wanted to learn more. These small, yet powerful gatherings would be a glimpse of the future, that one day we would have Orange County campuses. Despite this vision of what was to come, God clearly spoke to Pastors Jeremy and Christy that the church would begin in Los Angeles, California – the epicenter of change in our world. God opened doors for us to meet at Belasco Theater, a club in Downtown LA, and we held monthly premier services throughout the summer of 2013. We were astounded by the number of people who would attend these services, and on  September 1, 2013, we launched weekly services in downtown Los Angeles. Hundreds of people flooded the venue to discover what the buzz was all about. What once was a room full of mostly strangers soon grew to be a room of family with a sense of belonging. A few months after the launch, we added a second service to accommodate our growing community. Our incredible team of volunteers grew in number, all working extremely hard to transform nightclubs into church experiences. All of the hard work, late nights, and the unloading and loading into different venues every week was what God had planned for a season, but a huge blessing came when Exchange LA, a club in the heart of downtown LA, invited us to hold weekly services at their venue. We still gather at Exchange LA weekly while we look for a more permanent place to call home; Which they did; Fearless Church is a church for this generation. It is filled with vibrant, creative, passionate people with the focus to champion the cause of Christ. Newly founded in 2013 by Pastors Jeremy and Christy Johnson, Fearless Church has a firm foundation on the Word of God. Their desire is not only for the Kingdom of God to be established but also to see each person empowered by the Holy Spirit to reach their God-given destiny. -Fearless LA

Visit their official site at FearlessLA.com. Looking for additional resources? Check out their YouTubeFacebook and, Instagram or visit our archives Fearless LA.