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Glen was a high school All American Running Back and accepted a scholarship to Louisiana Tech University. As a four year starter, he was All-Conference, won two National Championships, and was Most Outstanding Back for three out of four years. During his freshman year in college, someone told him he needed to be saved to go to Heaven. Berteau responded, “Saved from what?” Kneeling on the floor of his dormitory room, Berteau accepted Jesus Christ on April 30, 1973.

As a Youth Pastor, he established one of the largest youth ministries in the nation. He is the author of the youth manual, “Strategies for Advancing Youth Ministries.” More recently, he has authored two books, “Christianity Lite” and “Christianity To Go.”

Presently, Glen is Senior Pastor of The House in Modesto, California, a church of more than 9,000, with locations all over the united states, India and Argentina. This ministry in Central California has been explosive. All outreaches at The House Modesto total over 160,000 people won to the Lord. In 2009, The House Modesto was highlighted by Outreach Magazine as the Second Fastest Growing Church in America. Currently, it is in the Top 50 Largest Churches in America. -GlenBerteauMinistries

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